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The early historical past (1908 – 1960) – The history of oil exploration in Nigeria dates again to 1908 when Nigerian Bitumen Corporation carried out exploratory work in the nation; however, the agency left the country at the onset of World Conflict I. Thereafter, license was given to D’Arcy Exploration Company and Whitehall Petroleum. Just about our press release of 8 March 2016 a accomplice bought on 7 June 2017 50,000 ASC-shares from ABG Sundal Collier Holding ASA (“ABGSC”) as settlement of a forward contract that was beforehand enter into. ABGSC has forward contracts with companions buying a complete of 29,111,667 shares with settlement in 2017 – 2019. The shares were bought at an average worth of NOK 2.9959 per share.

ASC owns 9,953,998 treasury shares following the transactions above. Per Flostrand bought on sixteen March 2017 a hundred sixty five,000 ASC shares to his a hundred{7143ab0b10b0ef05380a2e74f1246b61aba7befb98d321b1bd2bb7ed2177100e} owned company Fairway Drive AS at a value of NOK 5.fifty three per share. ABG Sundal Collier Holding ASA (“ABGSC”) sold on 15 February 2017 2,714,300 personal shares to specifically recognized employees who in keeping with native rules should purchase shares as a part of their variable compensation.

Arild A. Engh has by way of a a hundred{7143ab0b10b0ef05380a2e74f1246b61aba7befb98d321b1bd2bb7ed2177100e} owned company purchased 300,138 shares at NOK 2.09 per share as settlement of a ahead contract beforehand entered into. The previously agreed worth of NOK four.forty one per share has been adjusted for dividends, curiosity adjustment and earlier settlement of the ahead contract. The shares have been bought at an average value of NOK 4.0404 per share.

ABG Sundal Collier Holding ASA (“ABGSC”) bought on 14 February 2017 50,000 ASC-shares from a resigned companion. A 100{7143ab0b10b0ef05380a2e74f1246b61aba7befb98d321b1bd2bb7ed2177100e} owned company, owns 260,900 shares plus fifty one,200 shares on a forward contract. ABG Sundal Collier Holding ASA (“ABGSC”) on three October 2016 offered 500,000 ASC-shares to a partner on a forward contract with settlement 1 June 2019 at NOK 4.fifty six per share.

A a hundred{7143ab0b10b0ef05380a2e74f1246b61aba7befb98d321b1bd2bb7ed2177100e} owned firm, owns 865,000 shares plus 400,000 shares on a forward contract. 1 Subject to the approval of the members to offer and allot consent of board approval is accorded to issue equity shares on preferential subject upto an Rs.forty.00 Cr. Family controlled corporations, purchased 533,000 shares and owns 5,583,000 shares following the transaction.